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Dear Queenie: Is Male Chastity Training Popular In Female Led Relationships?

Dear Queenie: Is Male Chastity Training Popular In Female Led Relationships?

Dear Queenie,

Is male chastity training common in female light-emitting diode relationships?


Many thanks for asking this question that is important. You’re not the very first guy whom has expected this. From my interviews with lots of partners in both feminine led relationships and femdom relationships, it appears that partners in femdom relationships utilize this strategy more.

Femdom relationships commonly have a kink that is significant in their mind where intimate energy exchanges are an exceptionally essential and vital an element of the relationship dynamic. Ladies who take part in femdom enjoy controlling their partner’s choices and pleasure that is receive it. Perhaps one of the most pleasures that are powerful guy has, is their ability to orgasm with or without a female. A female involved with femdom together with her partner will almost always utilize chastity and orgasm control as being a right component of her domination over him. It appears to be her many powerful approach to show authority.

Female led relationships are a little various. Female led relationships are less about control and domination and much more concerning the submissive guy adoring their spouse and supporting her objectives, enabling her to guide the connection where she views fit because he trusts her judgment and leadership.

A woman does not feel the need to exert authority over a man’s ability to orgasm because he willingly gives the authority to her in a female led relationship. She does not have to go on it by force and she’s got no desire to make any such thing.


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9 reactions to “Dear Queenie: Is Male Chastity Training Common In Female Led Relationships?”

Really interesting and fascinating! Chastity continues to be a effective device and technique through the Female Goddess Owner to use Her authority on the male submissive.